What is Emmazed? It's a digital publication that encourages creativity through intimate conversations and articles about technology. Why? Because I believe it's important to be curious about the people and things that move our culture forward. This is why Emmazed is a hub for voices to be heard and readers to be informed.

So who runs Emmazed? Me, a 20-year-old photographer and writer named Mo. Where can I see your work? Check out mahmouds.work. What type of work do you do? I shoot automotive and portrait photography, and accept graphic design and art direction commisions. How can people contact you? Just email or find me on Instagram!

Why are you talking to yourself in a FAQ style? Good question. What's your favourite drink? Kombucha or matcha green tea. Do you brew your own Kombucha? I do! I thought it'll be cheaper than buying it from the store, but it isn't. I still buy kombucha while my kombucha is fermenting. Can I ask a random question? Sure. Is it true that you and your friends are doing a podcast based on your dating life? Oh yeah. Can't wait to ruin my brand.